Buy Local

It is of utmost importance that local folks purchase
local products whenever possible, whether it is food or furniture, hardware or
micro-brews. It will always be cheaper to mass produce. But mass production always comes at a cost,
whether it is to human health, the environment, wildlife or jobs. The only hope
a small farmer or shop owner has is to be able to sell his product locally.

If people do not recognize that it is worth more to have
a local farmer who can be trusted to grow food in a way that is sustainable,
then the food will be produced far away and on mega plots of land. Food
produced in this way is vulnerable to disruptions in supply due to fuel cost,
infestations, international trade disputes, contamination and even terrorism,
not to mention the loss of nutritional value. Politicians will never be
convinced to vote for local food production because their election depends on
money from corporations. Look at Obama’s support of Monsanto, change we
believed in. He just approved the unlimited use of two new GMO crops that will
increase the use of the toxic herbicide 2-4D, also known as Agent Orange.

The only vote people have is with the dollars they

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