…. represent required FDA exclusions.

Hi, I met you (one of you?) at Joyful Journey this summer. You talked me into buying this stuff after the hellish clouds of mosquitos at the zen center destroyed my legs. It’s crazy how well this stuff works. So amazingly well in fact, I think it actually makes my entire body feel better whenever I use it. Maybe I’m crazy, but I broke my left leg pretty horribly when I got back here to Missouri and had to have surgery and a rod and pins put in through my knee and around the ankle. Sorry for the TMI but this stuff has soothed and calmed down the scarring on those incisions SO much that my doc and phys. therapists seem surprised. It also seems to have an excellent anti-inflammatory effect as the pain in my knee goes down a few notches whenever I put it on. Really looking forward to having a long-term supply of this stuff, I’ve been using it super sparingly from my two-ounce jar to great effect! You were so nice and lovely to meet, thanks for doing what you do!

I have to tell you, I have been going through …… for a little over 2 years. I was so fortunate to have been recommended to a vegan doctor and he recommended calendula ….. I found your calendula jelly and used it faithfully. …. I have been a vegetarian for 32 plus years and mostly vegan for about the last 6 years, so I am not sure how much that as played in my success, but I have now been declared ….. free for the last 10 months. I had the strongest and longest ….  I feel like a lot of my success has been a combination of attitude, doctor, treatments, diet and your products that I have used and have decided to try to introduce these products to as many people as I can. Thank you for all of your work and effort in producing such a GREAT product.

I have been ordering from you for many years, (19 or 20 perhaps). Mostly Calendula and Hygeia creams, mostly when my babies were little. Now as I sink deeper into my heart, my own stillness and listening, I find you and your products speaking to me, calling me forth (again). It seems all you put into your creams all these years has sunk deeply into me through my skin, whispering assurances of love and trust and knowing. For this I am deeply grateful and feel a sense of connection although we have never met. Thank You.

Your product is like no other and I have loved it and so does my family   we swear by it , over night it can heal  bruises , skin cracks , dryness –   and a friend of mine from Alberts  now she is at Neiman Ranch-    had a boyfriend that is a gymnastic teacher – around all that chalk on his hands and his hands were extremely cracked and sore all the time.  I suggested he use your Calendula Creme and after years and years of trying a million different salves and lotions …   your Calendula Creme has soothed his cracked hands and quickly too you all have developed amazing products and I totally count on them.

(Spirit of the East) The fragrance is a bonus to this rich, but non-greasy moisturizer. It makes my skin glow. Hesitate to even put any makeup on over it. It is addictive; great way to start my day!

(Chi Chai) This is the best chai ever. It strengthens my inner being giving me healthy vitality without caffeine.

Thanks for making such a great product (Calendula Crème)! I received this crème as a baby shower gift and have since started giving it to all the new moms I know. It is so great and works really well for nipple care during those first few tender weeks!

Hi there! A friend offered to let me try her insect repellent, I know I had to get my own bottle! I am super excited to sample more of your products.

You craft pure magic. Everyone I share your products with is equally enamored. I dearly appreciate your integrity and your commitment to high quality craftsmanship. Thank you again for your work. Love to you and the farm!

Just received my order and wanted to let you know how wonderful your products are, and how very pleased I am with them! My son had given me a jar of your calendula creme last year, and I use it for all sorts of skin problems.

I love the fragrances of the EO preparations and the “sun protection mist”.

I love the Tree of Life face cream and the Citrus Bliss Lotion that
Kelsey sent me from you…the essential oil blend is fantastic, I
revel in the scents! each time I use them.

I fondly remember the landscape there, and the amazing little oasis
that Saguache is, seeing it in the spring with such light green-ness
and the flowering trees!
xo Leslie

I have been amazed by your products & last time you sent me a sample of the Radiance Serum, which did wonders for my face!! It cleared up … & my pores on the my nose & cheeks looked smaller & healthier overall. So, I am adding that serum to my order this time!

But now I am wanting to replace my over-the-counter Aveeno night cream, which I realized is full of weird named chemicals, with a more natural product from your line. What would you recommend to use for a night cream, along with the serum? I’ve read some pretty amazing reviews about your Hygeia Cream, but I wasn’t sure if I should go with that or just the Iris Eye Cream. I also love Lavender & noticed you have it in a lotion that might be nice too.

Over Christmas celebration, my sister-in-law was suffering from a stiff neck due to the season’s stress and her own other issues. I immediately told her about the Flexagility Balm, as my experience of it is fantastic..and I told her, it melts in and almost without notice I later realize my … and/or stiffness has evaporated. Unlike other hot/cold type remedies, the Flexagility Balm has a very light, pleasing scent, and doesn’t create the hot/cold dynamic. My sister-in-law liked that immediately, as she didn’t want to be having to deal with that, or be going around smelling like it. By the end of dinner she was feeling relief and calmed down.I sent the jar home with her. Thanks again to Lillian and Green Earth Farms for such wonderful herbal products that work so smoothly and refreshingly.

This cream (Tree of Life) feels wonderful: my skin seems to drink it in. Marjorie

When I first tried this (Lotus) lotion I was thrilled and amazed at the feeling of it. It smooth’s on like deep crème satin, but is not heavy. I find the scent unusual tho not at all unpleasant; simply different. I feel it works deeply in the skin, as well as attending to immediately soothing my dried, cracked and peeling hands and feet. It works especially well on my feet- – can stop the split area discomfort nearly immediately, and begins … just as soon. Usually, my condition is gone by the third day at the latest.

Thank you Lillian and crew for creating this great lotion.

Lillian sent me a sample of the Tree of Life cream, and I love it. It is my favorite of all the wonderful products I get from her.. I actually feel the spiritual healing property of the herbs in this preparation. It has healed my severely dry and cracked fingers overnight, and as I said, there is something about this cream that causes me to have a lovely feeling of well-being. I cannot speak about it highly enough. Give yourself and a friend a treat; get it for you and to share. You will feel so good.

If it is not to late would you send our order
overnight! My wife has to walk with a cane, with your product she is almost
able to walk natural.
Thanks for your help.

Loren Due

Your Lavender lotion is the Best lotion ever! Also, the herbal repellant seems to work against our Texas west … skeeters. Thanks!
J. Chu

thank you so much for getting my “stuff” out so quickly. Seafoam
Grains smell so wonderful leaving my face feeling just as wonderful.
Thank you for being there.
Much Light,

Hi Lillian.
Just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the Lunar Harmony
tea that I recently ordered. I’ve been drinking a big jar of it daily.
It is lovely tasting, but even better than that, I drank it all
through my most recent moon cycle and I didn’t have any of the painful
cramping and aching that normally accompanies my cycle. Thank you for
such good pure medicine!

Love Frances

My thumb joints deep in the pads have been sore for a long time. I suddenly had discomfort in my left thumb joint that was migrating to the rest of my arm. Lillian suggested the Flexagility Creme and . I used this for one day and the next morning when I was vigorously shaking out both hands during a Do-In practice I noticed that my right thumb was stiff and somewhat sore and the left hand was not. This was after only one day of use on the left hand. Rather amazing. Now I am using it on both hands. Thanks much, KC

While I was traveling through Colorado last year a friend of mine gave me a small amount of Flexagility Balm for …discomfort in my left knee and low back area. Much to my surprise it really brought relief….I sure would like to know how this wonderful (balm) product was discovered. It would appear to me like it was a gift from God. If I was looking for a job I do believe I could sell this fine product of yours. Otis E. D.

While I was traveling last summer in your beautiful state, I was introduced to your Calendula Creme. It is by far a wonderful product. My friend was “nailed” by fire ants and after much … with no results I gave her your Calendula-it worked great! …We need your product in the Florida Keys! Kelly K. B. Licensed Massage Therapist

“Best Herbal Products” Best of Denver-WESTWORD MAGAZINE

Hi, here is yet another testimonial about your creme. My wife has chronically cracked fingers and palms, to the point of great pain and continuous hassle. I was at Alfalfa’s in Denver and brought a dozen different salves etc. to the tune of $120. I brought them home to Pennsylvania and she began to try them one at a time. Guess which one did the trick? GEF Calendula Creme. Thanks for the caring and quality. Anonymous

“I love the stuff” “MAGICAL” “Nicest Calendula Creme I’ve smelled, feels great too.” I depend very heavily on your product and must tell you that it is the best herbal salve that I have ever used. The mixture you have is a synergistic wonder. I could go on and on.” “It is the only creme I ‘ve found that seems to work for me.” “I have a problem with my skin because I am a swimmer and my face and lips get abused from so much salt water and sun. Although nothing else helped previously, your Calendula Creme has put my skin in excellent condition.” “It’s really great stuff, I expound on its merits to everyone I meet.”