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There are new regulations being proposed by USDA APHIS concerning the ability of Bio-Tech crops and Organic or NON-GMO crops to “co-exist”. Post your own comment at Here is my comment:

GMO crops are inherently incompatible with Non-GMO and or Organically raised crops due to the possibility of contamination. As the law is now, a contaminated farmer would have a very difficult time receiving compensation for the lost market value and even perhaps the loss of Organic Certification for the crop or the acreage. Even worse, the owner of the GMO patent might sue the farmer for patent infringement. This system is unfair, unsustainable and un-American. I do not believe that this situation has not changed. From my perspective the huge Biotech companies have close to free range to ruin the genomes of basic food crops such as corn and soy, and are so powerful as to intimidate both the government and food producers into compliance with their wishes. This puts profit before people and real food safety. The USDA, EPA and FDA should be protecting us from these threats, not supporting fast track approval of one after the other of these very dangerous organisms.

If regulatory avenues are not working against these giants with the ability to lobby politicians into compliance with their wishes, then give the people the chance to decide with the food dollars they spend and LABEL GMO FOOD!