Green Earth Farm is a Colorado certified organic farm that produces a wide variety of medicinal and culinary herbs and is co-managed by founders Thomas and Lillian McCracken, who both have extensive backgrounds in sustainable agriculture and a long term commitment to environmental preservation.

The Farm is located at 7900 feet in Colorado’s San Luis Valley and is surrounded by wilderness, between an ancient seabed and one of the world’s oldest and largest caulderas. The rich soils, pure water and air, and pristine high altitude climate produces potent herbs, sweet tender vegetables and nutritious grains.

With a lifetime of training and personal experience with herbs, Lillian of Green Earth Farm has created 2 lines of products that nourish and heal the body and sooth the soul.

The A’Terra line consists of natural organic skin care products such as Cremes, Lotions and Balms. Additionally we offer a line of blended Essential Oils that are wonderful for massage and aromatherapy.

Buy a Green Earth Farm Sample Pack  for an assortment of travel size organic skin care products.  To learn more about the products in our Sample Pack, click here.

Earth Garden Botanical is a line of herbal tea blends for everyday enjoyment, occasional discomfort and specific use.

Tierra Verde Estates is farm adjacent property for sale with 3 to 5 acre home-sites available.