Tree of Life Nourishing Crème

Jojoba oil similar to the oil in human skin with photo-protective qualities; containing more powerful antioxidants
than Vit E.

Argan oil known to the Berbers as the Tree of Life; one of the most expensive oils with high levels of Vit E & 80% fatty acids which protest against aging by restoring skins hydrolipid layer.  Rosehip Seed oil the only vegetable oil rich in both Vit A&C.  One of the best for cell regeneration; with a perfect EFA balance which  attracts oxygen displacing free radicals.

Kukui Oil penetrates deeply to hydrate & soften.

A blend of precious essential oils known to rejuvenate the skin.

Ingredients: Certified organic* jojoba oil, *argan oil, *rosehip seed oil, kukui nut oil, camellia oil, raspberry seed oil, *allantoin, essential oils: frankincense, helichrysum, sandalwood, carrot seed, vetiver, jasmine, rose & vanilla with rosemary extract & non GMO Vitamin E.

Tree of Life Nourishing Crème

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